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The Smart, Modular Forklift Fleet Management System

SmarTruck provides continuous, real-time data on the utilization, activity, and status of forklifts and other vehicles involved in material-handling processes.

Improve efficiency and track fleet utilization

Ensure fewer collisions and accidents

Save energy with
eco-friendly fleet use

Reduce operating and maintenance costs

Enable centralized online access control

Optimize any fleet by size, type, and location

What Our Clients Have to Say About the Benefits of PoziTech and SmarTruck

Balazs Horvath
Forklift Fleet Manager
Audi Hungary

In collaboration with Magyar Telekom, Audi Hungary has successfully integrated PoziTech’s SmarTruck system, leading to significant advancements in our forklift fleet management. This partnership has yielded improved operational efficiency and substantial financial savings.

The technical capabilities of SmarTruck have greatly enhanced tracking and reporting, reinforcing our dedication to innovation and excellence in our logistical processes.

Connected Hub
Hatvan, Hungary
Robert Bosch Electronika

We have implemented PoziTech’s SmarTruck system across our heterogeneous forklift fleet in one of our major factory logistics center in 2023.

The SmarTruck system has been instrumental in optimizing our fleet management, providing valuable data and statistics. These insights are essential for making informed decisions regarding future forklift acquisitions, allowing us to understand our actual needs based on usage data.

Barnabas Bihari
Warehouse Manager
Heineken Hungary

We are very satisfied with the SmarTruck system that we use for managing our forklift fleet. The web application allows us to efficiently monitor the utilization of our forklift fleet and easily track which forklift is in use.

The user-friendly software interface enables us to receive accurate information about the performance and utilization of our fleet.

Sandor Veress
Business Development Expert
Magyar Telekom
(Deutsche Telekom Group)

Magyar Telekom values our partnership with PoziTech. Their proficiency in industrial monitoring and tracking is reflected in a robust, well-engineered fleet management system.

PoziTech’s ability to rapidly customize solutions to diverse business needs is particularly notable. Their efficient deployment of demos and pilot systems aligns seamlessly with our sales approach, demonstrating a mutual dedication to high-quality service and customer satisfaction.

Balazs Buki
Technical & Forklift Fleet Manager
WSZL (Waberer’s Group)

Our fleet consists of more than 400 forklifts. We determined the number of forklifts needed for purchasing based on data from the PoziTech SmarTruck system. Since adopting this approach, we have noticeably reduced the number of forklifts required for each operational unit.

Last year, the SmarTruck system enabled us to launch a substantial new operation by efficiently reallocating our existing fleet. This strategic move eliminated the necessity of purchasing additional forklifts, yielding significant savings.

Put PoziTech SmarTruck to Work for You

Discover the components, modules, extensions, and the customizable structure of the PoziTech SmarTruck Fleet Management platform.


The SmarTruck platform features modular components that can be retrofitted onto any make and type of forklift, accommodating heterogenous fleets.


The primary ConnectBox is the central hardware component of the SmarTruck platform. It includes:

  • Local data processing and temporal data storage
  • Communication gateways (WIFI, 5G, LTE, BLE)
  • GNSS (GPS, Galileo, Glonass, BeiDou, RTK) capabilities
  • Interfaces for different add-on components

Add-On Components

  • Card reader for operator identification
  • Relay module to enable start-up authorization and automatic speed limitation
  • RFID reader for goods identification
  • Positioning module for indoor positioning
  • Onboard terminal for task management and navigation


Unified, measurement-based performance reports and KPIs for heterogenous fleets. Modular single fleet management tool for multisite fleets of thousands of forklifts.

Core Features

SmarTruck is designed for vendor independence, ensuring its core fleet management features are compatible with any forklift model and software.

  • On premise, private cloud or cloud software
  • Web based user-friendly software specified to warehouse operation managers
  • Automatic collection of data (no display required for basic functions)
  • Functional scalability
  • Integrated hardware, software and technology from one provider
  • Works with hundreds of end user hardware brands and types
  • Increase of efficiency & EHS solution at once
  • Processing compliant with multinational IT requirements

Forklift Dashboard

Forklift Utilization

Produces precise reports on the utilization of the forklift fleet, which enable the identification of peak periods, as well as resource reserves and bottlenecks.

  • Real-time status monitoring
  • Reports on forklift utilization (individual and fleet level)
  • Calculations in daily / weekly / monthly breakdown
  • Identification of peak periods
  • Optimization of fleet size and forklift types

Utilization Overview

Operator Authentication & Permissions

Card-based operator identification and forklift authorization based on an access matrix. Usage and performance data linked to operators ensure motivation and accountability.

  • Real-time operator activity and monitoring
  • Reports on login / ignition / moving / inactive hours
  • Operator performance reports (worklog / collisions)
  • Operator identification with local ID card
  • Forklifts will start and move only after operator authentication via ID card
  • Operator permissions are checked at each authentication
  • All Access admin card for emergencies
  • The range of drivable types or specific vehicles can be individually set
  • Operators and operator groups can be easily added to forklifts and forklift groups regardless of forklift type
  • Set permissions & protocols for each forklift in your fleet remotely by computer
  • Certification management included

Access Control

Alerts & Collision Detection

Customizable alerts are based on any operational metrics, detection of collisions and other incidents, and immediate notifications.

  • Configurable email / SMS / notification alerts for various forklift events
  • Easy to use alert editor
  • Different alert settings may be set for different parties – operation’s manager, shift manager, etc.
  • Alert options available for external users
  • Collisions identified with built-in accelerometer
  • Automatic collision log and alerts
  • Forklift functionalities can be limited if required
  • Detailed statistics and reports

Alerts Editor

Forklift Tracking

Features continuous, automatic tracking of each forklift’s physical position with presence detection or coordinate positioning, both outdoors and indoors.

  • Presence detection: proximity positioning with UWB / BLE / WiFi technology
  • Indoor positioning with UWB technology using a locally deployed infrastructure
  • Outdoor positioning with GNSS and precise RTK technology on request
  • All movements continuously logged
  • Current position and covered route can be tracked and mapped
  • Heatmaps, spaghetti diagrams, location-based statistics and reports
  • Geofencing and definition of zones
  • Zone based speed limitation
  • Location based goods identification
  • Zone based employee monitoring
  • Position based collision prevention
  • Direct indoor positioning of goods, materials, people

Forklift Activity Tracking

Forklift Shift Overview

Forklift Logbook

Digital forklift logbook for effortless completion of the daily forklift pre-operation inspection checklists, supplemented with relevant operational data.

  • Accurate logging records the time of completion and operator details (using card-based identification)
  • Forklift operation is restricted until the completion of the safety check
  • Clear accountability assigns objective responsibility to operators
  • Optional photo documentation enables recording of faults and damages through photographs
  • Available on the onboard terminal or handheld mobile devices
  • Offline mode supports documentation even without connectivity
  • Customizable inspection checklists to meet specific operational requirements
  • Offers a completely paperless and digital documentation process

Checklist on the onboard terminal


PoziTech can customize your SmarTruck platform with extension modules to better manage and optimize your fleet operation.

Goods Identification

The system automatically (or manually) identifies goods on the forklift’s fork, displaying details on the terminal and logging all movements for the indirect positioning of goods.

  • Identification of goods on the forklift displayed in onboard terminal
  • Identification by manually scanning the QR or barcode printed on the goods
  • Automatic identification using the RFID tag attached to the goods and the RFID antennas and RFID reader mounted on the forklift
  • Goods Identification combined with forklift tracking extension allows indirect positioning of goods and automatic logging of movements

Item Pickup on the onboard terminal

Task Management

Manual or automatic allocation of various movement tasks, clear and traceable task assignment, proactive support for forklift operators in task execution.

  • Allocation and control of various movement tasks
  • Manual or automatic task assignment directly from the ERP / WMS system, the list of waiting tasks for the truck is displayed on the onboard terminal
  • Demand-driven task assignment via pushbutton unit: clear and traceable communication between line workers and trucks
  • Complete with goods identification and forklift tracking extension, the system helps the operator with alerts to perform tasks accurately

Task List on the onboard terminal

Task Details on the onboard terminal

Fleet Management

Detailed and accurate overview of the forklift fleet’s condition, activity, and costs, including comprehensive operational and maintenance logs.

  • Accurate statements of all operating and maintenance costs for the entire truck fleet: consumption, service and parts costs, etc.
  • Detailed and accumulated cost data per truck, per vendor, or for the entire fleet
  • Full maintenance and service log, forecasting of maintenance due
  • Optional direct connection to the truck via the ConnectBox CAN bus interface

Forklift List

Fleet Activity Timeline


Environmental Health and Safety by PoziTech

The vital importance safeguarding people, equipment, and inventory at your warehouse or facility cannot be underestimated. It’s why so many of our clients employ SafeTruck as part of their EHS protocols.

SafeTruck is designed around wearable technology. The transmitters installed on forklifts and other machines continuously scan the distance of nearby wearable tags. When set limits are reached, the system automatically alerts the operator and the pedestrians nearby, and limits the movement of the machines according to predefined protocols.

As part of the solution, points, routes and areas can be designated with SafePosts, and predefined protocols can be applied to the machines (speed reduction, stop, etc.).

PoziTech SafeTruck provides

  • Accident and Collision Prediction and Avoidance: visual and audible warning of moving vehicles for pedestrians in dangerous proximity
  • Warning to operators when approaching designated restricted areas.
  • Forklift approach warning (visual and audible) for pedestrians at intersections, passageways and gates
  • Pedestrian safety options designed around wearable technology
  • Parameterizable two-level warnings: yellow, red – depending on distance
  • Adaptive sensitivity based on direction and speed as well as pedestrian movement
  • Optional integration and intervention in vehicle control: speed limitation in designated safety zones, or even emergency braking of the vehicle when necessary (e.g. in the absence of a response).
  • PoziTech’s Advanced geospatial software allows complex and dynamic protocols that ensure the realization of applied EHS regulations

SafeTruck is implemented as a stand-alone system or as a component of SmarTruck.

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